General Conditions of Sale

A. The sale will be made in cash. The sales made are best-bidder sales contracts.

B. The highest bidder and last bidder will be required to pay directly and give his name and address.

C. It will have to pay in addition to the amount of the bids a series of costs detailed in the special conditions of each sale.

D. Bidders are advised to proceed with the collection of their lots as soon as possible in order to avoid handling and security costs, which are their responsibility.

E. In case of payment by transfer, the delivery of the items may be deferred until collection.

F. Any changes to the catalog descriptions may be announced during the sale and will be countersigned to the sales minutes.

G. No claim will be accepted for use and small accident restorations, the public exhibition having allowed the examination of works offered for sale.

H. Dimensions and estimates are provided for information only.

I. GoldField is responsible for carrying out the purchase orders entrusted to it free of charge, in particular for amateurs unable to follow the sale. Purchase orders are a convenience for customers. The auction house is not responsible for failing to execute an order by mistake or for any other cause.

J. TELEPHONE AUCTIONS are ACCEPTED after having confirmed (mail) 48 hours before the sale. Anyone who requests a telephone auction acquires the low estimate.

K. Withdrawal of purchases: Items must be picked up within 15 days of sale.

L. The fact of participating in the sale entails the acceptance of these conditions.

M. The special conditions of sale will define for each sale the right of withdrawal granted to buyers / consumers and the conditions of implementation.