Conditions générales de vente

A. The sale will be paid immediately.

B. The highest bidder and last bidder will be required to pay immediately and give his name and address.

C. He will have to pay an extra of 26% TTC to the amount of the bids, inluding books. The hammer price is increased by buyer fees: 26% VAT (including 17% VAT). To this price must be added the payment fees which vary according to the chosen payment method:

  • International transfer: 1% VAT
  • Paypal / credit cards: 3.5% VAT
  • Cash: 0%
  • Bancontact: 1% VAT

D. As soon as the adjudication is declared, the objects are under the full responsibility of the successful bidder. Bidders are advised to proceed with the gathering of their items as soon as possible in order to avoid handling and security costs, which are at ther charge.

Storage is not under the responsibility of GOLDFIELD for any reason whatsoever.

E. In case of payment by transfer, the delivery of the items may be deferred until pick up.

No item will be given to purchasers before payment of the full amount due.

  • Cash payment are authorized after verification at the bank
  • Payment by bank transfer.
  • The payment vouchers will be net of bank charges.
  • We cannot accept cheques.
  • The collection of the object being sold will take place at the end of the sale.

F. In the event of a dispute at the time of the auction, this means if it is established that two or more bidders simultaneously bare an equivalent bid, either aloud or by sign, and claim at the same time an object after the pronouncement of the word awarded, the same object will be auctioned at the price proposed by the bidders and all the public present will be allowed to bid again.

In the absence of payment, the object can be put back on auction, immediately or at the first opportunity.

G. Any changes to the catalog descriptions may be announced during the sale and will be countersigned on the sales record.

H. No claim will be accepted for small damage, the public exhibition having allowed the examination of items offered for sale.

I. Dimensions and estimates are provided for information only.

J. The manager and the experts are responsible for executing the purchase orders entrusted to them free of charge, especially for amateurs who cannot attend the sale. Purchase orders are a facility for customers. The auction house and the expert are not responsible for failing to execute an order due to error or for any other reason.

K. TELEPHONE AUCTIONS are ACCEPTED after having confirmed in writing 48 hours before the sale. Anyone who requests a telephone auction acquires the lowest estimate.

L. Withdrawal of purchases: The items are to be removed the day of the sale at the point of sale.

M. Participating to the sale entails the acceptance of these conditions.