The Sale

The use of auction allows your items to benefit from maximal visibility (mailing, internet, public exhibitions) that reaches a maximum of collectors and professionals from the art market. These art lovers are in competition on the day of the sale and will raise the price of the desired item.

GoldField will do it’s upmost to put the objects in value by means of a clear, precise and complete catalog with photographs of an exceptionnal quality. Using GoldField is the best way to sell your items in an optimal way.

How does it work ?

Our experts will identify the nature and value of your items, and thereby sell them advantageously through the mechanism of competitive bidders.

GoldField is remunerated by commissions related to the hammer price. The interest of the seller and that of GoldField are therefore linked: reach the highest bid level possible. At each sale, we ensure wide publicity in foreign publications, decoration journals and magazines and websites (portals).

For every auction we touch tens of thousands of Art and Collection collectors and lovers. We ensure the expertise according to the elements that you send us via our website or directly by email. Usually we receive on appointment but we can meet at your home. Do not hesitate to contact us to find a suitable solution.

A specially dedicated storage area guarantees safety and optimal conditions of storage for the objects we are confided.

Selling fees

The selection, the expertise and the development of the objects are paid by a "seller" commission. This commission is mentionned in the deposit slip.

This commission is only due in case the sale is finalized.

There is therefore no deposit, expertise, advertising or photography fees to be paid in advance or if the object confided is not sold.

Deposit slip

In order to guarantee the deposit of an object, the depositor and GoldField sign a contract which identifies the objects confided and defines the deposit conditions.


As soon as the deposit slip is signed, the object is taken over by the GoldField team. The objects are therefore insured from that moment on until the sale.

Do you haveItems for sale ?

GoldField is at your disposal to estimate the objects you want to sell.

Do not hesitate to contact us to determine your needs. The most effective way is to send an email ( or to use the following form.

You can also get in touch with one of our experts (costless) by email at

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