About Goldfield Auction

GOLDFIELD does not just put in the catalog a few roughly chosen items. Each item we are confided is scrutinized, analyzed and studied. It is absolutely not in the interest of GOLDFIELD to put on sale counterfeit, damaged or poor quality objects or even objects that do not respect the defined marketing strategy ...

Each item is logically inserted into the catalog in symbiosis with all the other items and highlighted through marketing tools that GOLDFIELD provides. E-catalog, mailing, advertising and referencing in portals of references, newsletters, ...

GoldField's strategy is therefore to put forward in the best way possible the objects on sale. To do this, the presentation of the objects must be irreproachable. Also, the quality of the photos is professional and most of the information is exchanged via the company's website which also reflects the impeccable approach of marketing.

Optimizing sales is also guaranteed by the quality and quantity of potential buyers. To do this, GoldField has created partnerships with the largest Art portals, including Auction.fr, Drouot, 51bidlive, Invaluables, LiveAuctioneer, EpaiLive, TheSalesRoom,.... Through these partners, GoldField reaches more than 30,000 international buyers for each sale.

GOLDFIELD collaborates with two independent experts.

Raphael REMY has been an antique dealer for 20 years. He is specialised in Tribal Art, Asian Art and Curiosities from the 15th to the 20th centuries.

Francois Compère has been an antique dealer for more than 10 years. He is specialised in Asian art and silverware.

GOLDFIELD also offers the services of other independent experts in matters such as jewelery, antique books and paintings, among others.

GOLDFIELD is also a team of marketing professionals but also web professionals.