About Goldfield Auction

Goldfield doesn't just offer a random selection of items from their catalog. On the contrary, every item entrusted to them is meticulously examined, analyzed, and studied to ensure it meets their quality criteria and is consistent with their marketing strategy.

In fact, selling counterfeit, damaged, or poor-quality items is not in Goldfield's interest. Therefore, each item is carefully selected and integrated into the catalog in symbiosis with the other elements. They also use various marketing tools such as e-catalogs, mailing, advertising, referencing in reference portals, and newsletters to highlight each item.

Goldfield's strategy aims to maximize the value of the items for sale. To achieve this, they pay great attention to the impeccable presentation of the items, as well as to the professional quality of the photos and information provided on their website. This impeccable approach to marketing is a key element of their success.

Furthermore, Goldfield guarantees the optimization of sales thanks to the quality and quantity of potential buyers. To achieve this, they have established partnerships with the biggest art portals such as ThesaleRoom Lotissimo, Drouot, 51bidlive, Invaluables, LiveAuctioneer, EpaiLive, and others. Thanks to these partnerships, Goldfield is able to reach over 30,000 international buyers for each sale.

In summary, Goldfield goes to great lengths to offer an exceptional sales experience to its clients by offering only quality items, presenting them professionally, and reaching a wide audience of potential buyers.

Goldfield collaborates with several independent experts.

Raphael REMY is an experienced antique dealer for the past 20 years. He specializes in three preferred areas: tribal art, Asian art, and curiosities ranging from the 15th to the 20th century.

Thanks to his expertise in these areas, Raphael REMY is able to offer a unique and varied selection of art objects to his clients. Over the years, he has acquired a thorough knowledge of the cultures and arts of these regions, enabling him to find exceptional and often rare pieces.

As an antique dealer, Raphael REMY has also developed a keen eye for the authenticity and quality of the pieces he offers for sale. He is very rigorous in the selection of his items, checking their provenance and history to ensure their authenticity and value.

In summary, Raphael REMY is a passionate and competent antique dealer who puts his know-how and expertise at the service of his clients, to offer them unique and quality art pieces.

Goldfield doesn't just sell art and antiques but also offers the services of independent experts in various fields. Goldfield's experts specialize in jewelry, ancient books, fine wines, paintings, and other related fields.

These experts work closely with Goldfield's team of marketing and web professionals to ensure optimal presentation and promotion of the items offered for sale.

Regarding jewelry, Goldfield works with gemology experts who can evaluate and authenticate precious stones and jewelry. For ancient books, experts in bookselling and bibliophilia are available to provide accurate information on the history and value of the books.

Goldfield's experts in fine wines can offer informed purchasing advice and guarantee the quality of the wines offered for sale. Finally, painting experts can provide expertise in the restoration, authentication, and valorization of works of art.

Goldfield's team of marketing and web professionals is responsible for designing and implementing innovative and effective marketing strategies to ensure optimal visibility of the products offered. They use online marketing techniques such as e-catalogs, mailing, advertising, referencing in reference portals, as well as creating newsletters to keep clients informed of Goldfield's latest products and events.