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You will find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the operation of our application.

See also our other pages You sell and You buy for more details on these procedures.

If you still have questions remaining unresolved, you can also send an e-mail to the address

To be able to take part in our online sales you must be registered, confirmed and validated.

  • To register, go to the registration page and enter your e-mail address and the password of your choice (8 characters minimum).
  • To be confirmed, check your e-mail box and click on the validation link in the mail we sent you following your registration (check your spam folder, or add to your trusted domains). This allows us to confirm that the subscription request originates from the owner of the e-mail address.
  • To be validated, identify yourself on the site, go to My Profile (via your personal menu, top right) and complete your information. You must also send us two clear and legible photos of an official identity document (identity card, passport, driving license, ... front and back) to validate your identity (we treat your documents seriously: they are saved in the database and encrypted. Only you and our team can access them, and we delete them on request). If the information provided is consistent, our team can then validate your profile.

Beware, the validation procedure can take up to 72 working hours, do not wait until the last minute to register!





Our online auction console is quite easy to use. When you follow a live sale on our site, you will see a frame displaying the following information on the "Live" page:

On the left, a photo of the lot being sold, and below a live video of the indoor sale. Live video allows you to follow the sale live, with a time lag of less than a second. Don't hesitate to turn up the sound to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the sale!

In the center is the bidding area, including a button for the next bid on the current lot (a single click and you bid for the amount indicated), and below, your status for the current lot (are you whether you win or not), as well as any delivery costs for this prize for your geographical area.

On the right, the information zone where the starting price of the current lot, the external auctions, the auctions in the room, the auctions on the site and of course your own auctions are displayed. The winning bid is the bid displayed at the very top of the listing. If this auction displays your name, you win. If this auction displays "External", the auction is won in the room or on a third-party operator.

Your auction disappears? It is likely that our operator had to withdraw it because a similar or higher bid was accepted in the room or on a third-party operator before yours.

Our video stream is efficient and has little time lag in normal situations. However, the information area always takes priority over the video stream.

Watch your e-mail box! Within 72 working hours following the sale, you will receive a pro-format invoice summarizing all of your purchases, and including a link allowing you to choose your payment and delivery options. Do not pay the amount of this pro-format invoice before having made these choices! Delivery and payment charges would not be included.

You can also log into the site, go to My Invoices (via your personal menu in the top right) and make your selections. Our team will also contact you by phone after a few days if necessary.

Warning: all invoices are due within 72 hours following the date of issue. Beyond 15 days without reaction from you, we consider the sale as null and void, and sell the lot to the second highest bidder if he is still interested.

Once the payment has been made and received in full, we proceed with the packaging, the delivery, or we agree with you on an appointment for sales room pickup.

We offer different delivery and packaging services:

  • Room pick-up is of course always available. It is free and is done by appointment (contact us by phone to arrange a date).
  • We also offer a package only service, with delivery at your expense. You or the carrier of your choice can then collect your carefully packaged lot on a date agreed with us.
  • Finally, we offer a worldwide delivery service for any type of lot up to 30 kg net (package weight included).

Some lots, because of their weight or their fragility, cannot be delivered by our services. Before the sale, you will find all the information concerning the delivery possibilities, as well as the estimated costs for your country on the presentation page of each lot. If the lot is not deliverable by us, this will also be indicated. After the sale, this information is available on the confirmation page of your pro-format invoice (page where you will make your payment and delivery choices).

Please note that, in the context of sending several lots that you have won, the prices indicated on the presentation page of each individual lot no longer apply. We try to group the lots as much as possible, the delivery price is then calculated on the total weight of all the lots sent and more on each lot individually. As a general rule, however, these combined shipping costs will be more beneficial to you. The final delivery costs are displayed on the confirmation page of your pro-format invoice.

We offer different solutions for payment, some of which entail additional management costs:

  • In cash, at the sales room: no fees, we accept cash payments in euros only.
  • By debit/credit card, at the sales room: 3.5% fee, we accept various credit or debit cards (Maestro, Visa, Mastercard).
  • By national bank transfer, online: 1% fee, we accept bank transfers in the SEPA Zone only.
  • By credit card, online: 3.5% fee, our secure online payment solution (via Worldline Ogone) allows you to make your payment via Visa or Mastercard.
  • By paypal, online: 5% fee, our secure online payment solution (via Worldline Ogone) allows you to make your payment via Paypal.

It is possible, depending on the sale.

We usually work with Drouot Live, Lotissimo, Live Auctioneers, The Sales Room and Invaluables. Each sale having its own specificities, they are not systematically published with all our partners. It is therefore advisable to read the description of the sale to find out which oneswill actually be used.

Please note, however, that the selling costs for a winning auction at one of our partners are higher (30% instead of 26% in the case of a sale in the room or on our site).

We offer bidding services by telephone, in French and in English. An operator will call you during the sale, shortly before the lots that interest you are put up for sale. You will find the form to subscribe to a sale by telephone here.

Please note, however, that the selling costs for a telephone order are higher (30% instead of 26% in the case of a sale in the room or on our site).